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In exchange for retrieving the Tesseract, [N 2] a powerful energy source of unknown potential, the Other promises Loki an army with which he can subjugate Earth. Nick Furydirector of the espionage agency S.

You should be writing avengers logo

Publication history[ edit ] The debut of the original Avengers: The Avengers 1 Sept. The team debuted in The Avengers 1 Sept.

you should be writing avengers logo

Much like the Justice Leaguethe Avengers were an assemblage of pre-existing superhero characters created by Lee and Jack Kirby. This initial series, published bi-monthly through issue 6 July and monthly thereafter ran through issue Sept. Inthe " Heroes Reborn " line took place in an alternate universe, with a revamped history unrelated to mainstream Marvel continuity.

To coincide with what would have been the th issue of the original series, Marvel changed the numbering, and The Avengers — Sept. The Initiativeand Dark Avengers. Starting with issueall four Avengers titles being published at the time Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, U.

Avengers and Occupy Avengers were merged into a single weekly series dubbed Avengers: After the group vanquished Loki, Ant-Man stated that the five worked well together and suggested they form a team; the Wasp named the group Avengers.

Hawkeyethe Scarlet Witchand Quicksilver. Spider-Man was offered membership but did not join the group. The Avengers briefly disband when Skrulls impersonating Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man used their authority as founders of the team and disbanded it.

you should be writing avengers logo

With his origins clear to him, the Vision proposed to the Scarlet Witch. The "Celestial Madonna" saga ended with their wedding, presided over by Immortus. This last act was resented by Hawkeye, who because of the seven-member limit lost his membership slot to the Falcon. Marvel officially joined the team as her replacement.

After he abused his wife, failed to win back the confidence of the Avengers with a ruse and was duped by the villain EggheadPym was jailed. Loki orchestrated a mass breakout of villains from prison facility, the Vaultas part of his "Acts of Vengeance" scheme, but he ultimately failed in his goal to destroy the Avengers.

The Avengers then received a charter from the United Nations and the Avengers split into two teams with a substitute reserve team backing up the main teams.

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Their primary antagonists in this run were the mysterious Proctor and his team of other-dimensional Avengers known as the Gatherers. During this period, the Avengers found themselves facing increasingly murderous enemies and were forced to question their rule against killing.

Force Works later disbanded after it was revealed that Iron Man became a murderer via the manipulations of the villain Kang, [] the same storyline seeing Iron Man sacrificing himself and being replaced by his teenage counterpart from a parallel timeline.

During the Heroes Reborn event, many of the Avengers together with the Fantastic Four and others, died trying to stop the psychic entity Onslaughtalthough it was revealed that Franklin Richards preserved those heroes in a pocket universe. Believing the main team to be gone, the Black Widow disbanded the Avengers, and only butler Edwin Jarvis remained to tend to the Mansion.

The previous continuity of the Marvel Universe was set aside as the heroes were "reborn" in the pocket universe created by Franklin Richards to save his parents and their friends, while the " Heroes Reborn " line ended [] and the heroes returned to the prime Marvel Universe.

After the Heroes Reborn series concluded, the Avengers comic was restarted with vol. Members joining during that period included Jack of Hearts and the second Ant-Man. A new Captain Britain was added to the team.That's why my first reaction to news of Whedon directing the Avengers movie was to say, "He should be writing it." Well, as Variety reports, Whedon is doing exactly that.

Up until now screenwriter Zak Penn (X-Men 2 & 3, Incredible Hulk) has been wracking his brain over the Avengers script. The Avengers are a fictional team of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel team made its debut in The Avengers #1 (cover-dated Sept.

), created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Avengers is Lee and Kirby's renovation of a previous superhero team, All-Winners Squad, that appeared in comic books series published Marvel.

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Jarvis lets him know what's been going on. He meets up with the Swordsman and Rama-Tut and assesses the situation as (closely paraphrasing) 'the two weakest Avengers besides the Wasp and some old guy in a mushroom hat'. Jarvis lets him know what's been going on. He meets up with the Swordsman and Rama-Tut and assesses the situation as (closely paraphrasing) 'the two weakest Avengers besides the Wasp and some old guy in a mushroom hat'.

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