Write a article on environmental pollution solutions

After such organisms die, the bacterial degradation of their biomass consumes the oxygen in the water, thereby creating the state of hypoxia. Phosphorus is a necessary nutrient for plants to live, and is the limiting factor for plant growth in many freshwater ecosystems. Phosphate adheres tightly to soil, so it is mainly transported by erosion.

Write a article on environmental pollution solutions

We should definitely like to see Pakistan without any environmental issue but currently there are lots of challenges.

As in fact we are growing at the rate of more than 8 percent in GDP and creating lots of economic opportunities, this is also growing stress and implications on environment. The constant growth in population is another massive challenge.

As we grow economically, we have to decide at this point in time that we ensure better quality of life. Now the Government must show scores of commitment to guarantee that as we grow, we also ensure that the quality of life of our citizens is made better and we, as a country, might be called an environment friendly country.

Let us have a look at some of our burning environmental issues.

write a article on environmental pollution solutions

Need for tree plantations in urban centres — There is no doubt that planting trees help in maintaining good environment. Trees in urban centres help clean environment and reduce pollution. Islamabad, for instance, is one of most protected cities of the world with lot of vegetation and clean healthy environment.

So there is need to plant trees in other cities like Islamabad. We do plant lots of trees every year but the problem is the nurturing of the plants. Trees must be considered as an essential item of environmental service. Even in our religion, trees have been given enormous importance.

Cutting of forests — A lot number of forest trees are being cut in northern areas for timber as well as fuel wood. People must not cut trees and use wood as fuel. There are various biodiversities, climate change and other environmental issues which are linked with forestry.

Local community also has to understand the value of forests. We must also develop the strategy for carbon financing at policy level.

It is a very innovative instrument across the world where you can do is that we provide value to the trees because trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

Through this mechanism the developed countries of the world are going to provide financial aid in this regard. The government should announce the strategy to make sure that investment comes in and trees are treated as the environmental commodity not just as the item of fuel.

Pollution from factories — We need a cooperative compliance from the factories. It is the time to be strict with the industries that are not compliant. After the implementation of WTO, we have to meet the environmental standards and unless we do that we cannot export our goods abroad.

Environment is going to be a non-tariff barrier for all our exports and sooner the industries realize this the better it would be for them. We must try to enforce the law of land and for that we have to start a voluntary self-monitoring program because it is not possible to send inspectors to every industry in the country.

The industry owners should take the responsibility and provide data in this regard to relevant government agencies. Pakistan is a very small contributor in greenhouse effect; Pakistan contributes only 0.

Pakistan is very much aware about it and has taken lead on this issue at the international level.

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The protocol commits 38 industrialized countries to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases between to to levels that are 5. Pakistan needs to develop a strategy and attract investment to come to Pakistan on this issue.

The industries in Pakistan should also be involved; if one actually invests in projects and get carbon credit that is going to be credited on commodity exchange.

It is the first environmental commodity of the world and the predictions of the World Bank are that this market is going to be somewhere in the range of 5 to 10 billion dollars a year on exchange on this carbon emission.

It however happens only during crowded hours not 24 hours a day. We should be concerned about it and a Clean Air Program must be initiated to ensure safe level carbon monoxide emissions especially in megacities.

High Pollution in Karachi — One can see so much pollution noise pollution — air pollution in the city. The main difference is of population; Karachi is a very crowded city housing people from all parts of the country. Besides other dilemmas, we have the problems of transport and industrial pollution because we are economically growing very fast and all these issues arise from that.

Getting a car has become so easy with the emergence of bank-leasing options. It is though a good sign as far as growing economy is concerned but on the other side, due to lack of infrastructure, pollution issue has increased which is quite alarming.

Running of old vehicles on road — It is also one of the causes of air pollution as these cars are not discarded and thus add their share in increasing the pollution.

In developed countries the older the car gets the more tax they have to pay. This incentive urges them not to keep old vehicles on road.

write a article on environmental pollution solutions

In Pakistan, low income groups keep old vehicles that have no accurate standard of pollution controlling.Organizations of all kinds need to prepare environmental impact studies when they are planning to develop virgin land or use currently developed land for an alternative purpose.

Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution Category: Blog, Environment, Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 5, By Ankita Mitra Environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment.

Given declining marginal benefits from the pollution-generating activity, and rising marginal costs from pollution, the socially efficient level of the activity is given by the familiar condition equating marginal benefit to marginal cost.

Overview. Solar Roadways® (SR) has a complex electrical layer. Electrical components are placed on a circuit board that is then enclosed between two pieces of glass and hermetically sealed to protect the sensitive electronics.

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