Why laeder fail and how to

Whether they are a renowned business owner, executive, politician, or someone who has personally mentored you, I assure you they have made plenty of mistakes; and they have failed countless times before.

Why laeder fail and how to

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Why do Christian leaders and ministers fail? PIC1 This morning, I received a call telling me that a young minister friend of mine, a man who has influenced thousands of young people for good, has confessed to living a lie for the past two years.

Why laeder fail and how to

A pastor friend of mine had claimed to be battling a deadly form of cancer. He has now confessed that these claims were untrue. Even his mother and father - close personal friends of my wife and I - were unaware of the truth of the situation.

I have known the pastor in question since he was a little boy and have always loved him - I still do. Our hearts, of course, go out to those closest to him. His music gift and speaking talent, along with his very winning, charismatic personality, have made a major impact on many young lives, in a number of nations.

I write because the issues here are bigger than this individual case. From time to time, Christian ministers and leaders will fall.

People of faith must be able Why laeder fail and how to face the inevitable question: Perhaps the first thing we must take from the fall of a leader is the fact that the frailty of the messenger does not negate the authority or truth of the message.

Every faithful believer and church leader should continue to share the Christian message without fear or cant. Though God's messengers may sometimes fail and haven't we all, though perhaps in less public ways?

In fact, it is often only when we see the scale of human frailty laid bare before us that we can appreciate the true power of redemption.

And the failure of a particular key figure should not taint our picture of all Christian leaders. In fact, I know personally that some of the people closest to the pastor in question are among the finest Christian leaders you will ever meet.

As Billy Graham poignantly noted some years ago, in reference to the moral problems of certain American televangelists, thousands of aircraft land safely at the world's airports every day - but the only time the media will take an interest is when one crashes.

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Secondly, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of keeping a close circle of friends and counsellors; people who know us well enough to spot trouble before it arrives. Of course, this won't necessarily prevent us from hiding our problems - human beings have a special talent for that.

But if we build around us an inner circle of wise and responsible friends, to whom we've given the right to speak honestly at all times, we can be open without losing our sense of dignity. A third lesson, particularly for leaders, has to do with the dangers of seeking public affirmation.

Why laeder fail and how to

Personally, I often find it easier to crave the love of the crowd than the love of God. At times, the crowd can seem quicker to respond and easier to find, while God can sometimes feel so distant. Yet, while the acclaim and affirmation of people are valuable - we can't live without encouragement - our first calling is not to please people.

We are living for something bigger than our own reputation.

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People's deference to gift and talent can be both a blessing and a curse for a leader. It's a blessing because it breeds respect for the message and vision, which allows the leader to lead.When it comes to leadership development, a focus on women is all the rage.

As an executive coach working with senior leaders in Fortune companies, I have seen a noticeable uptick in the. While there is a landslide of materials out there dissecting and explaining the intricacies of leaders, very few people have devoted time and attention to the study of followers.

Leaders leading well enable the opportunities to create responsible employees who will think on their own to do the right things rather than do what they are told to do.

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True responsibility creates depth and scale and vibrant organizations. When a minister falls we are presented with a marvellous opportunity to demonstrate the meaning of grace, that most precious of all divine gifts. It turns out we fail not because we have the incorrect ideas, but because we communicate those ideas incorrectly.

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