Possible creative writing questions for belonging

But I have argued in many ways that this attempt has failed.

Possible creative writing questions for belonging

Through a creative writing piece, students are required to demonstrate the concept of Belonging. The screen door banged shut and she was gone. Jackie stood at the door long enough to see the red Chevrolet roll out of the driveway, bearing Judith down a sun-drenched street lined with freshly painted, white picket fences.

The talk had been unfruitful, completely unfruitful.

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But what did she expect? Judith was of another world. She would just have to leave without saying goodbye, and send a letter back home when she got there. Judith spat the word out like a seed in a cherry, her red lips forming a perfect circle. But she merely sat there and drew on her cigarette, waiting for her to finish.

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Well, where are they all? Have any of them so much as hinted at a proposal? Judith rolled her eyes. She had met Charlie and dismissed him as an arrogant Bolshevik. Is he still writing for that awful paper?

That man is full of codswallop. Sometimes she found it easier to indulge Judith. But Jackie had touched a nerve in Judith, and she realised soon after that nothing she said from that point onwards would matter. Open your eyes and look around you! Your best friend had her second child last month, and all your other friends from Wellesley are married.

She stood up and stared hard at Judith. A flicker of alarm passed through the perfectly sculpted face and it lowered its gaze onto the kitchen table.

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Judith lifted her face. She paused, realising the effect her words had had on Jackie, and felt encouraged to go on. Jackie searched for something to say but she knew that argument would be futile.

Marcus has just come down from New York. I suppose it makes sense, I mean how could a man like that still be single? Now, how does it sound?

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I think the two of you will get on perfectly. Oh, look at the time! She gave Jackie two pecks on the cheek and turned to walk out of the kitchen.

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Nov 13,  · Here are student opinion questions that invite narrative and personal writing, all together in one place. Here are student opinion questions that invite narrative and personal writing, all together in one place.

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Possible creative writing questions for belonging

The Design of Writing and the Writing of Design - No one will ever escape the necessity of writing. Even entering a career dealing with math and art – like architecture – does not mean that a person will not need writing skills. These essay questions are from past HSC papers or assessment tasks at other schools.

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You could also make up your own questions by finding an interesting quote about belonging and adding the words "Discuss" or "Do you agree". Posted in Area of Study: Belonging, HSC English Essay Writing, HSC Exams, Paper One, Paper One Practice Questions and tagged Area of Study, Belonging, Belonging Practice Questions, English Practice Questions, HSC English, HSC English Advanced, HSC English Essay, HSC English Exam.

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