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In this case, I would question: Would Locke consider who we are to be built on a basis of nurture rather nature? As you stated, we are born with a clean slate, and I am inferencing that you meant that we all start no different than one another, in a most basic sense.

Physlosphy 12

A ppr oac hing Heidegger and t he Fil m James T. The film addresses the perennial concern as old as philosophy itself: While the film does not adopt a definitive position regarding Heidegger, Nazism, and the issue of personal responsibility, it does suggest an affirmative response to the question posed by both Levinas and Blanchot regarding the possibility of philosophizing after Auschwitz.

Scholars have employed a variety of methodologies for approaching this issue: It was primordial and ontological, and this notion is expressed in the so-called controversial writings of the s, e.

Heidegger sought to return to the understanding of Being as experienced by such early Pre-Platonic thinkers as Parmenides and Heraclitus, which was obscured and covered over, according to Heidegger, in great part because the original Greek experience of Being was literally lost in translation, i.

In Being and Time, Section 44Heidegger is already writing on the marked difference between the notion of truth in the Western tradition of metaphysics and that of the early Greeks. The tradition understands the locus of truth to reside in the locution, the proposition, and the essence of truth Physlosphy 12 be the agreement between subject and object.

Because of the influence of Platonic metaphysics, religion Christianityand scientific positivism, those of modernity failed to grasp the philosophical import of the legitimate ontological understanding of Being qua Physlosphy 12. For Heidegger, politics was first and foremost authentic philosophical activity, grounded in the search for ontological understanding and the lost experience of truth aletheia radically dissimilar to the notion of truth as defined in terms of the correspondence model.

Nichols believes that documentary, as a concept or practice, is not restricted to occupying a single, fixed territory: The interplay of the Greek and German expresses the all-important link for Heidegger between these two languages of primordial power.

He approaches the Greek in order to think and say anew the original Greek experience of Being. War polemos is both king and father of all things, and it has revealed some as gods and others as men; some it has made slaves, others free. Freeman29 Commonly, this passage is thought to connote life as a dynamic process of struggle and continual change, as birth, growth, and degeneration occur in the war polemos between opposing life forces.

In this fragment, Heidegger locates the origin of all struggle and warfare, and in Introduction to Metaphysics, he interprets, and thereby translates the passage as follows: Confrontation is indeed for all that comes to presence the same who lets emergebut also for all the preserver that holds sway.

For it lets some appear as gods, others as human being, some it produces sets forth as slaves, but others as the free. Polemos is the strife that holds sway before humans and even the gods. This perhaps explains the minimalist approach that Hong adopts with respect to the inclusion of graphic World War II archival footage.

Hong includes only sparse segments of file-film to introduce, in conjunction with the narration, the events immediately preceding the process of denazification e. The film is far better for this fact. In the hands of a lesser artist, a propagandist with an ideological agenda, a filmmaker who truly did not wish to legitimately grapple with the issue of Heidegger and Nazism, the project might have deteriorated into a sensationalist montage of death, destruction, and visuals of concentration camp atrocities, with the thoughtful words of Heidegger lost amid newsreels of devastating air raids inter-cut with footage depicting the frenzied atmosphere of the Nuremberg rallies Reichsparteitag.

Although the pictures have a bucolic quality, there is undeniably something unsettling lurking behind the aesthetically inspired shots of the Black Forest region and Todtnauberg.

To return to the notion of phusis as earlier introduced, Walter Brogan defines phusis in a three-fold manner: The unfolding of Being, however, is not independent of human activity altogether, but it is phusis and the manner in which the overwhelming unfolds as polemos that firsts allows those who struggle to emerge and carry on the struggle in works of art, philosophy, and state-building.

It is only when Dasein enters, or is drawn into, the struggle with phusis by the necessity to understand and create its historical world and existence that its authentic destiny is possible.

Beings as such first come into being. However, it is important to note that the activities of the poet, philosopher, and statesman, if they are authentic, depend on the relationship to Being, from which these activities acquire their power.

What is the authentic relationship to Being of which Heidegger philosophizes? It shatters against the overwhelming power of phusis; the necessity of authentic history demands this. Heidegger writes of the violence of human knowledge techne and creative activity poiesiswhich break into the overwhelming sway of phusis to give the process a temporary form.

For techne is not a form of knowledge that Dasein possesses or masters, and then in turn employs as a faculty of the intellect to master its existence. The earthly struggle draws its strength and legitimacy only by way of its participation in the aboriginal struggle polemos.

And while the polis certainly includes the competitions, games, political assembly, and the military, it is first and foremost the open region that manifests the possibility of all these activities. As Heidegger claims, it is in this open region of historical Being that the authentic works of history historicality transpire.

In fact, the film engages in hermeneutics. For Heidegger, we must note that interpretation and translation are interrelated, have chosen this item to be automatically replenished at the above selected frequency.

Film-Philosophy, September The Denazification of MH: The Struggle with Being and the Philosophical Confrontation with the Ancient Greeks in Heidegger’s Originary Politics Jam es Magr ini College of DuPage I. PHILOSOPHY 12 J.

Physlosphy 12

Ralph B [email protected] Fence #33 Overview: This course addresses some of the main areas of philosophy: metaphysics, logic, epistemology, ethics, social and political philosophy. Chapter 9 to Chapter 12 - Let get you up to speed on key information and facts on Old Yeller by Fred Gipson.

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