Horse science fair projects

Colt to Maturity This project is for those who own or have available a colt or filly to care for and train.

Horse science fair projects

Report a Problem Horse Science Fair Projects I asked all my horsecrazy girlfriends for ideas for horse science fair projects and here's what they shared. You can also see my horse science fair experiment here. Horse Anatomy You can do a project on a horse's insides and bones - how they work.

It is about determining which hooves - front or back, collect the most dirt or mud. You clean the hooves, but put the mud in a sandwich bag and measure it. I hope this helps.

It's also about how the horses conformation affects the way it moves static and dynamic. Which Breed is Faster or Prettiest? Which Treats do Horses Respond to Best? She wanted to see which treats would the horses be more eager to work for.

Horse science fair projects

I thought it was a good idea for a project because it could help the owner find which treats to buy and what not to buy. Hope you like it! Which Grain is Better for Horses? Maybe what you could do, is you could take two horses and take two types of grain.

The one you use now, and a different brand. Then see what grain makes what horse feel better and stuff. I just learned about this in science and thought it would be cool Comparing Horse Behavior to Human Behavior by Hannah You could compare the behavior of horses and humans.

Observe the rankings in a herd and observe a group of friends and their ranks. Who's the one no one likes? Horse Videos by Rebecca, VA You could definitely take a video about your horse and then show it or pics about the part of the body or you could talk about the evolution of a horse with lots of color An Electrically-Charged Horse by Alexis I would make a horse made out of clay and put the body parts together, but before I put it together I would put electrical charges through the hollow clay.

Magical Horse by Jaden, Maryland USA You can buy horse paint which is perfectly safe for horses and make the legs look like zebra and the body purple also the tail and hair will be rainbow colors and add horse wings.

Then you have your magical horses. I think it would fun! You could ask a vet to help if you needed it. Also, find out if you can use other people's horses, or whether they must be your own if you don't have a horse. Make sure you can repeat your experiment. Often you must do the same procedure three times.Science Fair Project # 5.

Palaeontological Procession of Horses: The fossil remains of horses have been recorded with considerable accuracy and the series can be constructed with completeness from Eohippus to Equus (Fig. ). Youth Exhibitors.

The Fair showcases and celebrates the achievements of Dane County's youth involved in 4-H, FFA, and other youth organizations.

Horse science fair projects

There were 7, youth exhibits at last year's Fair! A fairly simple science fair project involves identifying the different body parts of a horse.

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Perfect for younger elementary students, this project involves drawing or tracing a horse on to a poster board and labeling the animal’s body parts. For students who love horses, there are often school projects that allow you to choose the theme of what you will present.

Whether it is a science fair project or a speech that you need to give, horses are an exciting subject to study. An interesting science project related to horses could be related to the emotional connection between humans and horses. For example, you could research the impressive results of equine-assisted psychotherapy, an approach to mental health counseling that uses horses as empathetic helpers in the.

Our Commitment. Equine Guelph is the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph, supported and overseen by equine industry groups, and dedicated to improving the health and well-being of horses.

Horse Science Fair Projects