Essays on prejudice against homosexuals

Study By Meredith Bennett-Smith A lesbian couple kisses behind a placard reading 'Homophobia' as they take part in an event to celebrate the International day against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17,in Yangon. Often, racism or homophobia is understood to be motivated by a variety of factors. Now, a report says sexual prejudice in particular may be strongly related to a deep-seated fear of being hit on by a member of the same sex.

Essays on prejudice against homosexuals

Homosexuality has always been a taboo subject. However, recently it has been more and more accepted. Is this discrimination, or is it protection?

According to Norwegian law, marriage is a relationship and a contract between a man and a woman. According to a widespread point of view, the state should not forbid marriage between two people no matter what their gender is, and this is how I look upon it too.

Those who are against gay marriage also have many arguments, and one of them has to do with the term itself. They say the word marriage describes a heterosexual relationship, and that homosexual marriage is self-contradicting.

On the other hand, their opponents do have a point when they stress that the concept of marriage has changed drastically throughout history. Equality between the man and woman in marriage is a concept which has only recently been focused on, and it has changed drastically during the last few centuries, if not century.

Parents no longer decide who their children are to marry, and in our part of the world there is no longer such a thing as dowry. Religion is for many a big part of marriage, as well as life in general.

Some may feel obliged to teach others to live a sin-free life.

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The problem is, however, that the fact that they think what they are doing is right does not give them the right to decide how other people should live their lives. However, many hold the opinion that gay adoption may cause harm to these children. Claiming that a child will suffer if raised by a homosexual couple proves, in my opinion, a lack of research.

Further, it says that children of homosexual parents are not less popular, and do not have lower self-esteem than children of heterosexual parents. I, for one, do believe that this is true. I believe that though there will always be some child or other who will use it as an excuse to bully, supporting parents will give their children the strength to overcome this pettiness.

Another thing to consider is the fact that children are very open-minded to begin with. If the grown-ups had taught their children tolerance instead of homophobia, the bullying of children with homosexual parents would not be a problem in the first place.

A second argument is one I can agree with in theory. I believe children need to have both male and female influences growing up, and children growing up with homosexual parents may, in theory, lack that.

On the other hand, a child with two fathers is not automatically a child without female influence. The same goes for a child with two mothers. Influence can come from close family friends, grandparents, at a day-care centre and at school.

Another counter-argument is that the same goes for single-parents. Some may say that getting married is, or at least should be, a right, while adopting a child is a privilege. I do agree with this, and I also believe that not all gay couples should be allowed to adopt.

There are good and bad parents among homosexuals just like there are among heterosexuals. Yet the good, caring, responsible gay couples who want to adopt and raise a child in a home full of love should, in my opinion, be allowed to do this just like a heterosexual couple is allowed to.

Anything else is, I would say, discrimination. That is also my conclusion. The laws stating that homosexual couples cannot marry and adopt children are not protecting anyone.

No-one will get hurt by a gay couple getting married.

Essays on prejudice against homosexuals

The children who are raised by homosexual parents do not suffer from this. Therefore, it is my conclusion that these laws are discriminating.Prejudice against Blacks, Catholics, Jews, and Women (at least as presidential candidates), has been essentially wiped out in recent years.

Prejudice against homosexuals has dropped significantly in the past two decades, but remains high. The Discrimination Of Homosexuals In America Sociology Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Weather you accept it or not; Gays are being discriminated against, there are hate crimes being committed, and many prejudice people amongst us in this world.

A world where children would grow up accepting homosexuals. Ideally, children. With essays that focus on timely issues such as gay bashing, school shootings, crimes against religious groups, and the spread of hate through the Internet, this book addresses definitions, origins, and explanations of intolerance some possible solutions for dealing with this phenomenon.

Mar 29,  · The husband has a strong prejudice against the blind. When the two men are alone, the blind man touches the hand of the husband. At the touch, the husband changes, and he is able to empathise with the blind man. Homophobia, Heterosexism, and Sexual Prejudice People with homosexual or bisexual orientations have long been stigmatized.

With the rise of the gay political movement in the late s, however, homosexuality’s condemnation as immoral, criminal, and sick came under increasing scrutiny.

Homosexuals are victims of prejudice for multiple reasons. Homosexuality contradicts some religious beliefs, traditional family, and “out of the norm” behavior.

Sexual Orientation and Human Rights