Dangers of smoking in islam

MashAllah Many young Muslims need to become aware of the Islamic position on marijuana because of its popularity. Does Islam condone the use of marijuana? Does Islam forbid it? If Islam forbids it, what about in cases of medical necessity?

Dangers of smoking in islam

It is known and proven that the habit of smoking is very common in the Muslim societies and is growing steadily. So much so that theMuslims who live in Europe, smoke far more than the Europeans themselves.

The article talks about a survey conducted in England in He talks about the reasons of the rise of this habit amongst Muslims. The author reports the rate of smoking among men in 30 countries.

The percentage of female smokers is less than males in the Islamic world. When asked about the reason, he reported that the women in Islamic world rarely go out of the house and hence have less exposure to the smoking communities.

Islam and Smoking

Women also deny that they smoke, fearing that their perception and image in the community will be affected. This may mean that the smoking percentage is higher than what is portrayed.

Smoking in Islam Make Up the Intention Set the intention right in your heart, why would you want to stop smoking.
What does Islam say about Marijuana (cannabis/weed) and is it halal? Dangers of Smoking 1 It is a universally accepted and indisputable fact that smoking has many serious health and life hazards, for example, lung cancer, etc. He advised having dates, being hot in nature with cucumber, as it cucumber has a cooling effect.
Abrahamic religions[ edit ] With the exception of a few Christian denominationsthe Abrahamic religions originated before tobacco smoking was introduced to Europe from the New World. Therefore, these religions do not address it in their foundational teachings; however, modern practitioners have offered interpretations of their faith with regard to smoking.
15 How to Give Up Smoking in Islam - Danger & Risks - lausannecongress2018.com FatwasHalaalMiscellaneous September 3, Q. The harmful effects and dangers of smoking is one which is agreed upon by all medical experts, as well as Islamic Scholars.

Islamic Culture The author also speaks about key elements of the Islamic culture: The article talks about sources of Islamic legislation i. It also says that the original text of Islam permits smoking. However, the Islamic scholars of that time were unaware of the damages caused by smoking and hence allowed it.

This may be one of the reasons why smoking is a common trend in many Islamic countries.

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The author also asks a vital question, as to why Muslims are not committed to their religion. Islam prohibits everything that harms the overall wellbeing of an individual and the community and it is scientifically proven that smoking is extremely dangerous to the health.

Dangers of smoking in islam

Hence, smoking should be forbidden. It is very unfortunate that only 14 Islamic countries have banned smoking in public places and only seven countries prevent the sale to minors. The Anti-Smoking Treaty has been signed by countries, including 14 Muslim countries, and we thank God that Saudi Arabia is one of them.

I advise the readers to read the article published in the British Medical Journal for further insight. I conclude by mentioning some guidelines to control the tobacco habit that is spreading like an epidemic and causing destruction. The Islamic scholars have to declare that smoking is the forbidden, using strong logical facts.

Islamic countries should pass a law for prohibiting smoking at the public facilities, selling cigarettes to minors and punishing the offenders, and preventing people from smoking.

Dangers of smoking in islam

Spreading continuous awareness about the dangers of smoking, along with vivid description of the effects of smoking. I ask Allah to bless and protect every Muslim from all evils.(Islam prohibits "tobacco" in any form which makes smoking haram however people still argue over it and will normally start saying that ‘Pan’ and ‘Pepsi’ etc are also not good for health so they are or can be haram as well.

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hence we should avoid them, but where Islam is concerned IF and only IF PAN contains "Tobacco" then its haram else. Assalamualaikum,Death caused to a person by smoking or chewing tobacco is it suicide in Islam?

Dangers of Smoking 1 It is a universally accepted and indisputable fact that smoking has many serious health and life hazards, for example, lung cancer, etc. to the smoker as well as those (non-smokers) in his (smokers) environment, therefore, not permissible. Muslim Woman Issues Chilling Warning to the West about Dangers of Islam. Steven Crowder Monday October 12 that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces. First, a Smoking Furnace passed through the blood. This represented God the Father, the . Century, the European countries realized the dangers of smoking and fought against it. Laws were designed in England, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and other countries, evidence concerning the ruling of the use of Tobacco in Islam. We hope that this will.

As it is very clear that cigarette smoking is lausannecongress2018.com when I encounter certain smokers they deny that death. The harmful effects and dangers of smoking is one which is agreed upon by all medical experts, as well as Islamic Scholars.

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With respect to some of its harmful effects, medical experts have stated that smoking cigarettes affects the smoker’s and the non-smoker’s health; causes tuberculosis, cancer of the lungs, poor memory and loss of appetite.

Islamic law doesn’t strictly forbid smoking, but it clearly stated that smoking is not suggested since it’s not good for health. To avoid many of the disease that could come out from smoking, it’s better for you to give up smoking. 15 Ways How to Give Up Smoking in Islam - Danger & Risks because smoking is not only dangerous for your health, but will affects people around you as well.

From these principles, the Ulama (Allah's mercy be upon them) have come to the conclusion that smoking is Haraam. An Aayaat of the Noble Qur'aan states, 'And do not throw yourself into destruction with your own hands.' (Baqarah ).

Smoking causes fatal sicknesses, for example, lung cancer, tuberculosis, etc.

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