Cherokee an endangered language

What's new on our site today! Native Languages of the Americas: Endangered Language Revitalization and Revival Many American Indian languages are undergoing something called "revival" or "revitalization. Sponsored Links To understand the terms "revival" and "revitalization," first you have to understand the current state of these languages.

Cherokee an endangered language

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Cherokee an endangered language

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Cherokee an endangered language

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Don't use excessive capitalization and punctuation. Post clear, valuable, and truthful information. Don't attack others or post content that is abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing.The Cherokee Nation is now issuing photo tribal citizenship cards.

Cherokee citizens can visit the tribe’s registration department to get a valid photo ID, similar in appearance to a driver’s license. Native American Vocabulary: Cherokee Words (Tsalagi) Welcome to our Cherokee vocabulary page!

Cherokee is an Iroquoian language, related to other languages like Mohawk and Seneca. We have included twenty basic Cherokee words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. Assiniboine code talkers. Members of the Assiniboine served as code talkers during World War II, utilizing the Assiniboine language to encrypt communications.

The code talkers included Gilbert Horn Sr., who grew up in the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation of Montana and later became a tribal judge and politician.. Basque code talkers. In November , Euzko Deya magazine reported that in May.

The Khoisan (Khoesan) language family is the smallest of the language families of Africa. The name Khoisan derives from the name of the Khoe-Khoe (also known as the Hottentot) group of South Africa and the San (Bushmen) group of Namibia.

Saving an Endangered Language. Sociolinguistic scholar Ben Frey helps revitalize Cherokee. Frey’s Cherokee language education began while he was a German and linguistics major at UNC in the early s.

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A citizen of the Eastern Band, Frey grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Cherokee was not taught at home. index Native American people index What's new on our site today!

Native Languages of the Americas: Endangered Language Revitalization and Revival.

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