An essay on the dolphin circle awakening the awareness of dolphins

Thinking only of themselves, they laid waste to the land. They searched for slaves to do the work, animals to entertain them, and money, money, and more money from the inferior. Great palaces were built in place of trees, the natural beauty of earth was smothered. Dressed in the finest of robes, they gathered into a building that stood in Rome.

An essay on the dolphin circle awakening the awareness of dolphins

My Dolphin Journey It all began in when I decided to quit my job in Germany and leave to Thailand where I used to live as a child.

The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong

I was not happy and I did not know why but eager to find out. So I sold my stuff and went on the journey to find out about happiness.

I found a beautiful place at the beach which in the meantime has become a crazy tourist place but at that time Khao Lak was stunning. It was here that I saw the dolphins for the very first time and I had no idea what a big part of my life they would play later on.

They touched my heart very deeply when I saw them and I wished to see them more and more. Thailand is not the greatest place to meet dolphins so far but occasionally they showed up.

An essay on the dolphin circle awakening the awareness of dolphins

On my next visit to Germany I bought books and started reading but I was not so much interested in science about dolphins but more in their spiritual aspect and I found a great book from a woman who had spent many hours with them swimming in the oceans across the globe.

In a very innocent and playful way I would sit in meditation and try to call them in. A few times it worked and I went sheer out of my mind in joy!

Once I saw them coming I jumped into the ocean to be close to them. They swam far away. So I centered in my heart and told them: I would love to be close to you once! I saw one dolphin leaving the pod and swimming towards me, circling around me and then joining back into the pod.

In the meantime I met my lovely partner Ralph and we were going to have a baby.

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I was very determined to give birth in the water, preferably with dolphins around but definitely in the water. We had to leave Thailand and went to La Gomera where I also had the opportunity to view dolphins from the boat and twice spent a little time in the water seeing them.

Giving birth was absolutely amazing — it was very clear for me that our beliefs around child birth need a thorough review. It can be the most blissful experience not only when the baby is there but throughout the whole birthing process.

Also here the dolphins were seen very rarely. In the first five years we saw them one time only. I still carried the love for them in my heart but somehow I felt there was no connection anymore and they would not hear me.

Our journey took us to Auroville, India for two years but eventually brought us back to Thailand in It was in when things started to really change.

My search for the meaning of life, for who I am started to shift and I began to have awakening experiences. In I was sitting on the beach at Koh Chang, asking for guidance where to spend the summer.

I had three months with my daughter and had hardly any money. I knew I had to go to Hawaii to meet the dolphins there as this had been my big dream for a long time. Magically things fell into place and with the great support of my family we went on this incredible journey to Hawaii — to spend hours in the ocean with the wild spinner dolphins.

After three months I was sure the same was possible in Thailand. Swimming with the dolphins at Koh Chang. But I was insecure, had my doubts and kept this wish for myself. In we went on our second journey to Hawaii — again it was pure magic. There is so much to learn from the dolphins and as we stay open in our hearts and minds and are receptive to their messages we have the chance for big time changes.

In this blog I will be sharing many of my little or bigger teachings I received from them. After these three months I was even more sure that the same was possible in Thailand and still kept it for myself…I would only share my dream with friends who I knew well and we would go on a kayak to look for them… Nothing much happened.

Although I would see them in between whenever they passed by swimming through the bay they would send me thoughts of clarity.Be in communication with animals, humans, insects, the elements, archangels, angels, master teachers, sea animals,benevolent light beings and YOURSELF via the awakening heart.

Inquire about work ~study positions as a way to pay for part of your journey. or [email protected] Essay about The Bottle-nosed Dolphin - The Bottle-nosed Dolphin is the most studied and generally the best-known species of dolphin.

Bottle-nosed dolphins are classified "Tursiops truncates" in scientific name, and belong to the family Delphinidae, in the suborder Odontoceti, order Cetacea. The Cove An Essay The Cove is an Academy Award winner documentary. It is brave attempt by the director Louie Psihoyos.

He has made an expository film, a stirring call to action against slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. by the Rainbow Dolphins of Lemuria. Channelled through Natalie Glasson 2nd September Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa.

Speaking out against animal cruelty and exploitation

Greeting light beings of the Earth, we love you deeply and have been working with you for a great number of lifetimes. Dolphin Circle Of Life Sculpture. See more. Keep Calm and Swim With WILD Dolphins! Join Dolphin Swim Australia for the experience of a lifetime:)! glide in and out of the surface water is Symbolic of how our consciousness slips lightly on the cusp / threshold of awareness and Theta dreaming.

The dolphins are lured into a cove in the National Park at Taiji, Wakayama and killed by dolphin hunters by spears over the side of their boats and nets.

This documentary fell under the category of a social documentary in my eyes.

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