A class improvement proposal for my jesuit prep school

SJJ is a part of the largest international educational network of almost 4, schools educating close to three million students.

A class improvement proposal for my jesuit prep school

I am a current student here in Denver and the product here sucks. We've lost so many instructors to the point we are down to 6 instructors for the last 15 weeks for over students. At the worst point, we were down to 4 instructors when 2 of them took vacations.

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Half of the instructors are resident instructors, which do not have enough experience to walk through coding questions without them asking for help themselves.

The queue for asking questions on coding blockers takes over 3 days to get a response. The lead instructors stopped requiring us to complete all the course work due to the majority of students falling behind, further robbing us of coding experience in other technologies.

They have decreased our hours of operation because instructors are getting burned out due to being over-worked since there is a lack of instructors.

When asking for help we are told to figure it out ourselves in order to prepare ourselves for the working environment, even when we have been stuck on a project for almost 2 weeks.

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Instead of being honest, the lead instructor and program director have lied to us several times about the untimely departure of all the instructors when they tell us they just found out about them leaving just days earlier.

Only to be secretly told through innuendos by resident instructors that they would be leaving 5 weeks earlier. Not only can they not hire qualified instructors in a timely manner, they cannot resolve internal issues with course support programs, ie: It seems that they have become like the majority of colleges around the country where all they care about is the almighty dollar from student tuition and not care about the quality of education and quality of coders graduating from the course.

A class improvement proposal for my jesuit prep school

The only people I truly feel like they are doing their job is the career advisors.The Oberlin ethos encourages cross-discipline exploration that breaks down boundaries and allows students to find—or create—their own paths.

See where your path might lead. Suffice it to say I’m on the mend.” Wayne’s 55th reunion packet from his prep school reminded him that time is flying by.

East Sussex. Gordon and Bill agreed that their jam session was a decided improvement over playing air drums and air guitar in McBride back in “the second oldest Jesuit high school in the country.

FRASER — It’s time for a second opinion. That’s what Fraser City Council decided Aug. 11 when it approved a request for proposal for an outside party to evaluate the .

A class improvement proposal for my jesuit prep school

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Brooklyn Jesuit Prep School is a private middle school in New York. The principal of Brooklyn Jesuit Prep School is Brian Chap. 85 students go to Brooklyn Jesuit Prep School, and the ratio of School type: Private school. Apr 15,  · From the start the JSEA focused on religious education, staff development and curriculum improvement, strategic planning and development and the role of Jesuit governance in Jesuit secondary education.

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