5 crucial strategies for doubling revenue

Economic overview[ edit ] Saudi oil reserves are the second largest in the worldand Saudi Arabia is the world's leading oil exporter and second largest producer. Petroleum in Saudi Arabia is not only plentiful but under pressure and close to the earth's surface.

5 crucial strategies for doubling revenue

Production and Operations Predicting the Potential for Success from New Production Approaches by Using Well Designed Trials and Simulations Room Read Description Ethanol producers enjoy great variety in their options for enzymes and yeast choices and greater still are the options available to producers to expand their operations via an altogether new production process.

The challenge for producers now lies in making informed decisions about which option to choose? This panel will feature presentations on the latest platforms available to producers to deliver valuable training to their teams, but will take the conversation a step further by exploring the role that digital badges are beginning to play in helping management teams and direct supervisors more quickly identify areas of proficiency and areas in need of further training.

Finally, the conversation will explore the role that quality, job-specific skills training can play in plant retention efforts.

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Coproducts and Product Diversification Towards a Better Line of Sight on Corn Oil Extraction Approaches and Overall Yield Junior Ballroom Read Description Increased revenues from corn oil extraction have led to increased research efforts in pathways to more efficient extraction approaches within the ethanol production process.

This panel will look closely at the state of play within corn oil extraction, featuring both a comprehensive overview at the capture rates the industry is achieving as well as a deep dive into some emerging technologies promising even greater oil capture ratios. The panel will be anchored by a presentation making an argument for greater accuracy in captured oil measurement and a platform from which that can be accomplished.

Industry trade groups and our commodity partners are all hard at work to blaze a trail for ethanol sales in markets around the world. This panel will offer attendees updates on the most promising near term opportunities for increased foreign sales. The Critical Necessity of Robust Policy Advocacy for Advanced Biofuels Junior Ballroom Read Description To fully fulfill the promise of the Renewable Fuel Standard, another 20 billion gallons of renewable biofuel production capacity will have to be developed, funded and come online.

Project unit-volume and price levels.

Without policy certainty this task begins to look Herculean. This panel, populated with executives from next generation producers paired with leadership from the trade groups that represent them, will explore where the advanced biofuels sector is politically, how its value proposition resonates with lawmakers now and which specific policy outcomes are vital to continued sector growth.

Production and Operations Strategies for Creating a Pro-Yeast Production Environment at Your Ethanol Plant Room Read Description Ethanol producers know that plant yield is tightly correlated to the environment they are able to create for their yeast populations.

The elimination of inhibitors and the introduction of vital macronutrients are priority one for production teams and decades of experience have further refined yeast health programs across the industry.

Still, production methodologies are changing and with it the environment yeast populations are expected to propagate within. Leadership and Financial Management A Multi-Disciplinary Look at Plant Expansions and Strategies Designed to Ensure their Ultimate Success Grand Ballroom A Read Description The decision to go-forward with a multi-million dollar plant expansion project can occur only after satisfying a number of important production, finance, and permitting stakeholders.

This panel brings together experts from these important disciplines to help plant management teams devise a decision making process designed to illuminate any potential shortcomings in a project under consideration.

5 crucial strategies for doubling revenue

Using case studies to illustrate their point, these presenters will help attendees identify the pitfalls that without sound analysis could escape their attention and prove costly down the road.

Coproducts and Production Diversification Revenue Renaissance: This panel looks well beyond the co-product offering so common within the industry now and towards a co-product stream that captures and adds value through densification, the isolation of protein or yeasts, or potentially the production of altogether new products like flavorings and fragrances.

Presenters will make a compelling case that without continued vigilance and action, fuel specifications could become an unwelcome bottleneck in key markets. This panel will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the corn fiber technologies under development, the arguments for their varied approaches and the commercialization and deployment progress each has achieved in the last year.Overview.

Sales and marketing technologies, more automation, and analytics should lead to more productivity and revenue growth. But half of Fortune companies aren't growing or struggle to grow.

Furthermore, BHC has targeted a doubling in revenue in Ortho Dermatologics over the next five years, and, more importantly, it has set its sights on generating more than $1 billion of annualized. It is already playing offense in one crucial area: student loan financing.

That business has skyrocketed in the past year, with loan balances more than doubling, to $ billion. Competitors have emerged in the student loan-refinancing market, but the biggest of them, the marketplace lender Social Finance, is "also an ally" in a sense, Van Saun.

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5 crucial strategies for doubling revenue

5 Crucial Strategies for Doubling Revenue Five Crucial Strategies for Doubling Revenue In preparing for our Sales and Marketing executive wokshop and visiting with world’s top sales and marketing thought leader- Neil Rackham, several actionable ideas have emerged which you can act on immediately 1) Salespeople must become value creators.

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